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Our team


Vanisha Breault

Founder & CEO

Vanisha Breault, Founder and CEO of the Terminator Foundation, is a catalyst for change in the realm of addiction and mental health. Recognized as a 'Social Justice Warrior,' her impact extends beyond Alberta, earning her the title of a 'Champion for many' by CTV News. Vanisha, an Amazon Best-selling author of 'Ordinary Courage: One Woman’s Story of Overcoming Insurmountable Odds,' draws from over two decades of dedication to mental health, addiction, and domestic violence issues. As an advocate and speaker, she challenges societal judgments with compassion, sharing her personal journey of overcoming domestic violence and addiction. Vanisha's commitment to breaking down shame and stigma is evident in her roles as a Certified Life Coach, Certified Triathlon Coach, a BA with honors for counseling and podcast host of 'Ordinary Courage,' a Top 100 Relationship Podcast in Canada. Honored with the Universal Women’s Network 'Difference Maker Award,' she contributes her wisdom to various boards in Alberta and Canada. Residing in Calgary, Alberta, Vanisha's life revolves around family, supporting Terminator's athletes, and her enduring passion for running.

Mary Jessey

Athletic Program Director

Mary started with the Terminator Foundation as a volunteer swim coach in 2019, later moving into an Executive Swim Coach role and is now serving as the Athletic Program Director for the organization. Mary has been swimming her entire life – as a competitive age group swimmer, as a member of an NCAA University team and as a triathlete. She tackled her first sprint triathlon in 2002, a decade later completed an IRONMAN and then became an NCCP Certified Triathlon Coach and founded LYNX Triathlon to share her passion for the sport with others.  Mary has watched the Terminator Foundation grow enormously in scope and reach since 2019 and is excited to oversee the development of the Terminator Activity Based Recovery Therapy (ABRT) program. She strongly believes that the Terminator Foundation’s collaborative recovery approach incorporating triathlon training and peer support, alongside physical and mental health & wellness education, is an important aspect for helping youth and young adults overcome addiction.    LYNX Triathlon is a valued sponsor of the Terminator’s triathlon program

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Llew Edwards

Assistant Athletic Program Director

Llew Edwards, a beacon of resilience, represented Team Canada at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, but his ascent to greatness was far from predestined. Overcoming a tumultuous youth marked by abuse, foster care, and involvement in gangs, Llew discovered salvation in sports, ultimately saving his life. Hailing from Toronto, this two-time Olympian trained from 1988 to 2002, alongside notable athletes like Donovan Bailey and Pierre Lueders. Transitioning from athlete to coach, Llew's expertise extends to professional and amateur athletes, including those in the CFL, NFL, NHL, and CIS. As the Owner and CEO of Quantum Speed and Conditioning, he specializes in enhancing performance, notably with hockey greats like Steve Yzerman and Brad Stuart. His coaching journey spans various disciplines, from sprinting with the Pinnacle Pioneers Track and Field in Scottsdale to contributing to the success of the Los Angeles Rugby Club. Llew's coaching mantra emphasizes continual growth in professional, physical, and spiritual dimensions to reach new heights. Beyond the realm of sports, he finds joy in music, art, movies, and meaningful conversations, with a penchant for mountain adventures when not coaching.

Holly Crone

Program Manager

With over two decades of experience working with vulnerable populations in homelessness, addictions, and suicide prevention in Calgary, Holly brings a wealth of experience in management and program operations to the Terminator Foundation team. Coupled with a passion for promoting recovery and resilience and an enthusiasm for leadership, she is committed to driving positive change and fostering community empowerment. Holly embodies reflective and compassionate leadership, adept at providing genuine and efficient support while recognizing and nurturing the potential in those she works with. Her managerial approach prioritizes inclusivity and open communication, ensuring that individuals feel valued and heard. Outside of her professional endeavours, Holly draws inspiration from outdoor activities such as cycling, rock climbing, and hiking. These pursuits not only fuel her adventurous spirit but also offer avenues for personal development and introspection. With a spirit for travel and a keen eye for photography, she captures the beauty of her surroundings, using imagery to convey stories that encourage others to embrace the wonders of the world. Holly is excited and honored to be a part of the Terminator Foundation's amazing team. 


Andrew "AJ" Jenkins 

Recovery Coach Manager

Andrew Jenkins, affectionately known as AJ, boasts over a decade of dedicated service in the recovery community. As a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor and Recovery Capital Associate certified by the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation, AJ is not just a professional but also a living testament to recovery, maintaining sobriety for over 18 years. His advocacy extends beyond his credentials, rooted in personal experience.

Having immersed himself in the recovery community and supported Calgary-based organizations for years, AJ stands out for his unique ability to guide individuals in recovery through various organizations. A native Calgarian, he finds joy in exploring the diverse culinary scene and contributes to the community by volunteering with the Calgary District Lacrosse Association, where his son actively participates. AJ's journey, both professional and personal, positions him as a formidable ally for anyone on the path to recovery in the Calgary area.

Leah Petrick

Recovery Coach

From a youth filled with anxiety into young adulthood, Leah found herself struggling to cope and seeking negative ways to manage. Addiction intertwined in both her childhood and adulthood, posing various challenges along the way. However, through her own personal journey, she discovered a strength-focused and holistic approach that brought about profound positive changes. Taking a holistic view of her life allowed her to consider the social, environmental, and psychological factors that influenced her coping mechanisms and attempts to heal through substances. By addressing herself physically, mentally, and spiritually, she found the empowerment to transform her life.

Having witnessed her own complete transformation, she is now dedicated to offering hope and empowerment to others. She became certified in holistic health and nutrition in 2020 and has since been focused on supporting individuals in building healthier habits around nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being. Through her work, she aims to inspire others to believe in the possibility of a life filled with hope, peace, and joy. Her journey has taught her the incredible strength of vulnerability, and she is honored to create a safe space for others as they embark on their own transformative journeys.

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Tammy German

Event Coordinator

Tammy German is a dedicated community advocate originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, who has made her mark in Calgary since relocating in 2009. With over 15 years of involvement with various non-profit organizations in the Calgary community, Tammy has demonstrated her commitment to making a difference in people's lives. Throughout her career, Tammy has accumulated over a decade of experience in event planning, a skill she wields with passion and precision. She believes in the power of bringing communities together, raising awareness, and supporting fundraising efforts to address important social issues. In 2024, Tammy embarked on a new journey by joining The Terminator Foundation, a renowned organization dedicated to transforming lives through an Activity-Based Recovery Therapy Program. As a part-time volunteer, she channels her expertise and enthusiasm to elevate Terminator's events & fundraising activities, making significant contributions to their outreach efforts in the community. Tammy's tireless dedication, coupled with her genuine passion for making a difference, continues to inspire those around her. Whether coordinating events, raising awareness, or fostering community connections, Tammy German stands as a beacon of positivity and change in the Calgary community.

Paige Olmstead

Communication Coordinator

Paige, a recent graduate from the University of Calgary with a major in communication and media studies, brings over five years of social media marketing expertise to her role. Driven by a passion for making a positive impact, Paige has found her calling in the non-profit sector. Her academic background equips her with a profound understanding of communication's power to forge connections within communities and dismantle stigmas related to mental health, trauma, and addiction.


With a commitment to creating a more inclusive and supportive society, Paige leverages her skills to bridge gaps and foster meaningful dialogue. Her journey from academia to the non-profit realm reflects her dedication to utilizing communication as a tool for positive change. As she embarks on this path, Paige envisions a world where open communication transforms societal perceptions and fosters a more empathetic and understanding community.

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Eleanor Reimer


Eleanor is an accomplished and certified professional bookkeeper. A member of the Canadian Professional Bookkeepers Association of Canada she has worked in the bookkeeping industry for 25+ years with diverse experience across industries. In 2014 Eleanor started her own bookkeeping practice with steady, reliable growth year over year. Eleanor thrives serving a wide variety of clients from medium size businesses to charities and non profits. Eleanor has a keen eye for detail and finds satisfaction in the challenge of getting organizations bookkeeping from disarray to neatly organized. Working with businesses and seeing them grow, understand their numbers and knowing that her diligence has allowed her clients to make more informed, better thought out decisions based on her work brings her a sense of pride. She has extensive knowledge and experience using various apps, including Dext, Plooto, and Wagepoint, that help to streamline the bookkeeping process.

When she’s not busy helping her clients you’ll find Eleanor deep in a book, even taking special trips to Mexico a few weeks every year to sit on loungers and – just read! If you look past the numbers and analytics you’ll find a caring, creative person in Eleanor.

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Our Board


JAck Toth

Board Chair

Jack Toth is driven by a profound passion for fostering a Canada where every individual can uncover and live from their strengths, contributing to the collective well-being of the community. As the leader of Impact Society since 1994, Jack has spearheaded initiatives, notably the HEROES series of programs, impacting over 170,000 youth and adults. His focus extends beyond youth, recognizing the importance of fortifying adults and leaders who shape the lives of the younger generation.

Dedicated to the strength of Indigenous communities, Jack believes in the transformative power of understanding and embracing Indigenous culture and history. Through efforts to highlight the inherent strengths within these communities, he aims to contribute to their physical, mental, social, and emotional health. Jack emphasizes the significance of incorporating the wisdom of the 7 Sacred traditional teachings into society – love, respect, honesty, humility, courage, wisdom, and truth. He envisions Canada setting an example for the world by collaborating, learning, and utilizing resources in ways that benefit all of humanity and create a legacy for future generations. Jack's commitment lies in creating a world where children and their descendants can thrive and grow together.


Vice Chair

Derek Fraser, President of Derek D. Fraser Philanthropic Advisors Inc. in Calgary, AB, brings over three decades of expertise to the non-profit sector. Since 1987, Derek has delved into various facets of fund development, encompassing annual giving, capital campaigns, major gifts, and Board development both in Canada and internationally. His wide-ranging experience extends to strategic planning, alumni affairs, association organization, and volunteer management. As a part-time instructor at Georgian College, Derek contributes to the online non-profit studies program. A mentor in the "artsVest" national program, he has guided over 40 arts organizations. Derek's leadership extends to serving as Chair of the Major Gifts Committee for the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada and holding committee roles for AFP Canada and AFP Global. Recently joining the Board of the Terminator Foundation, Derek's commitment to philanthropy is further exemplified by his retirement from the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and his role as Chair of the Fund Development Committee of Youth Central in Calgary. Holding a B.A. (Hons) in Film Studies from Queen’s University and a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) since 2004, Derek continues to champion the transformative power of philanthropy.




Lindsey is the clinical director and owner of Versa Movement Collective – Physiotherapy in Calgary, AB. Her commitment to a professional atmosphere that integrates itself with the community and her passion to develop and grow business that exists to drive real change in our community has brought her to the board of directors for the Terminator Foundation. 

After losing her brother to addiction in 2014, Lindsey felt that more had to be done within our communities to support our brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers and loved ones who are fighting for sobriety. Sitting on the board of directors is an honour that Lindsey holds close to her heart and is grateful to be a driving force towards change. 

In Lindsey’s free time, you will most likely find her rinkside cheering on her son and his hockey team or in dance studios trying to learn her other son’s latest hip hop combo. In her true free time, she enjoys hiking with her husband Jordan and living an overall healthy and active lifestyle with her family.

Debbie Towns


Debbie Ermel is a Chartered Professional Accountant with more than 20 years of experience in accounting and tax, primarily in the private sector.  She currently owns and manages a small accounting firm in Calgary, Alberta.  

Debbie volunteers with Terminator because she is proud of the values and opportunities Terminator presents to those struggling with addictions.  Debbie enjoys giving back to the community and is a strong advocate for empowering others.  Debbie and her family are active in enjoying Alberta’s great outdoors and spend much of their time hiking, camping, skiing and cycling.




Daniel is a driven and hardworking go-getter focused on leaving a mark on his generation. Growing up in a household that fostered entrepreneurship, he developed a passion to try new things and explore the world of business. This led him to start ventures of his own, but more importantly find ways to give back to where his heart lies: the youth.

He has been involved in school programs that teach youth how to take an idea and use it to start a business, in addition to personally mentoring not just in their business life, but in their mental and spiritual lives as well. He served for several years as a youth/young adults leader with his local church, being able to directly make a positive impact in the lives of those who needed it.

Daniel loves working with people, travelling, sports cars, and anything fun and exciting.

Currently, he runs his own practice in the financial industry where he leads an advisory team of over 10 people, whose focus is to empower people so they can make educated decisions about their own money. In conjunction with this, he produces daily resources and material via social media for the next generation, so that they can be inspired to find purpose and passion in their everyday living.

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