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Because we are relentless when it comes to fighting for your life and your freedom from addiction and mental health challenges. If you have been struggling with addiction, or if you have ever struggled with it, you know that addiction is all-consuming, it’s torturous, and it will take everything from you until it takes your life. 


At Terminator, we believe that YOU are far more capable than you think you are. We believe that engaging your body and challenging your physical strength, endurance, and grit, ignites your brain to achieve what was once thought to be impossible. Whether you're trying to overcome your addiction for the first time - maybe you’ve tried multiple times before and kept slipping - or maybe you just want more out of your life and your recovery - We believe you can have it!


We know our ABRT Program can take you there. Beyond your current circumstances, what you believe about yourself and your abilities. Beyond your addiction, your mental health challenges, anxiety and depression. Beyond that tape that plays in your head on repeat telling you this is as far as you’ll ever go - that recovery can't happen for you - that you don’t have what it takes. I’m here to tell you right now – that’s a lie. And we can prove it. 


 So why Terminator? Because your life is WORTH IT, and the truth is you can recover. 


To believe in others until they believe in themselves. We champion individuals struggling with addiction and mental health to triumph! Through our rigorous and innovative Activity-Based Recovery Therapy Program individuals' lives are revolutionized and transformed.


To bring unyielding belief and relentless hope to every individual in the world impacted by addiction using our Activity Based Recovery Therapy Program.

10 Principles





Our business is to change lives. That’s our job every day.

We champion the underdog. Addiction is relentless, but so are we. We assume ALL our athletes can and will ‘make it’.

We never give up, never quit, never stop believing.

Athletics is the force that harnesses the power to transform the mind

It’s going to be messy

Manage your decisions

Take good care of yourself, so you can take good care of others


  • Pride/Ego
  • Energy takers vs. energy givers

  • Victim mentality

  • Know your personal limits - when you’re tapped out, tap out

Keep doing the next right thing

We are a charity, but we’re ging to run it like a business


Our Values

Leadership & Mentorship

In the spirit of guiding others, we step forward with determination and integrity, empowering everyone involved with the Terminator Foundation. We believe in leading by example and nurturing the potential of each individual


Innovation & Passion

Our commitment is to constantly learn and evolve, introducing groundbreaking practices led by our mission. Our zeal for what we do fuels our drive to make a lasting impact in the realm of mental health, trauma, and addiction recovery.


Open-Mindedness & Responsibility

Approaching challenges with an open heart and mind, we embrace diverse perspectives and solutions. We are devoted to our cause, recognizing the responsibility we hold to ourselves, our community, and those we serve.


Transparency & Integrity

Trust is the cornerstone of our foundation. Through clear communication and openness, we strive to foster public support. Upholding the highest ethical standards, we remain accountable in every facet of our work.

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